Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meaningful learning (!!!)

I believe Schema Theory and Mental Models are important in teaching and learning because these theories explore the importance of find a common ground about people knowledge before to teach or learn something new.

Teaching is about to find/create a context to motivation to learn. Learning is mostly about why we should learn things, about what is the practical benefit if we learn some things or not.

I believe learning is participation, my classmates also believe is discovering, adventure and a "long route". Last class we conclude that most learning occurred naturally thrum activities, context and culture (Communities of learning and assessment in situ).

This made me think about Cultural Capital. Have you ever heard about it?

Cultural Capital is a theory that attempts to explain differential educational achievement in a way that combines a wide range of differing influences.

For example, we can note that the theory brings into focus the question of cultural values as they relate to things like:

What constitutes "knowledge"?
How knowledge is to be achieved.
How knowledge is validated and so forth.

In this respect, almost any cultural feature of people's lives can, under the right circumstances, be applied to an explanation of achievement/under achievement.

And this also point about economic and class background as influence over individual’s learning.

Finally, we had an interesting discussion about a new tendency called Life Coaching. I never heard about it before but basically refer to high class and business leadership trainers. If you want to check go to:


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