Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gagne's 9 steps in language learning

Hola!!!! Ohayou! Jambo! Muli Bwanji!

Last class we discussed the principles of how we learn through the teaching theories of Gagne and his 9 steps of instructional events. All my classmates create a small teaching exercise using them.

1) Gain Attention.
2) inform learners of objective.
3) stimulating recall of prior knowledge.
4) presenting the stimulus.
5) providing learning guidance.
6) eliciting performances.
7) providing feedback.
8) assessing performance.
9) enhancing retention and reform

My big surprise was how these steps were used by my classmates to teach others languages. We learned some to greet people in Swahili, Japanese, and Chichewa, and how to write in Chinese. It was a diverse language activity. I should do the same in Spanish…

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