Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Digital story!!!

This was a challenge, it is a great experience!!!

I love the idea when we share our stories in ITEC 800 class.
This is a community of learning, I felt so connected with my classmates and with the project.

I went to the workshop at KQED, 3 days.
I met amazing people and I learn how to use the digital programs.

I uploaded my Story in to my YouTube account, then here at my blogger and finally in my SFSU iLearn account. It was very easy I just follow the instructions in every case.

About my story i just want to say that this is one of my biggest fears... thanks for listening.
I hope you enjoy it as I did.
Natalia ;)

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ITEC 800 Blog said...

I really enjoyed watching your story! Amazing work you did, thank you for sharing a part of you with the class.


I added your blog URL to the itec 800 blog.