Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Net Generation

Hello all !!!

I want recommend to all of you the documentary of PBS Frontline, “Growing on-line” very linked with our reading for this week “Educating the Net Generation” by Oblinger Diana an James.

I hope you enjoy it as I did. Because it is amazing to find in a document and at the same time in a TV documentary how kids are getting socially connected and represented in the media, and how they learn from it.

The way net generation is using the web is so different from the one teachers and parents do. Today's Web is more participatory, more social and more flexible than ever before, kids grow up used to surfing and downloading content, they are involved also creating content (uploading photographs, posting opinions, maintaining an online journal, or blog, updating online profiles and creating new personalities thru avatars or "Web 2.0") as well as consuming it, scanning blogs, watching videos and listening music.

Watch it online:

Natalia ;)

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